Chainsmoker EP


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released November 21, 2015

Recorded by Fraser McPhail and Harleigh Fraser at UWS and The Audio Lounge. Mix and Mastered by Fraser.

Artwork by Russell Elder

Tapes availible soon via Vetala Records




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DROVES Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Five Alive
Rigged minds, fake lines.
Stale thoughts, stain the charts
In one ear, out the next
Fame as long as, the morals last
Talent is a thing of the past.
Waste my time, can't hear shit, yes i can.
Track Name: These Streets Are Made For Walking
Whats your body worth? it doesn't matter
To a street creep not worth safety
Peel back torn clothes, have it your way
For safety i would pray
Justice delivered with words, no time served ahhhhhhh!
Whats your body worth, it doesn't matter
Track Name: Land Frog//Dirt Worm
Pitiful friend i can't defend my friendship to this side of you
You deserve to be alone, now reap what you sew
Misogyny ingrained in you, this is just a fashion to you
Pitiful friend i can't defend my friendship to this side of you
You deserve to be alone, now reap what you sew
Track Name: Self Intitled
Nothing to say, nothing to do
Learn to talk or have some news
All about you all so untrue,
If you could just spare the bullshit
Interested, in yourself
No time for, no one else
Track Name: Shallow Bath
Nothing more than,
Empty words bullshit cause
No real meaning
Change with the time, change with the trends
No more hardcore,
No more uncool,
No more meaning
Just bucket hats
Track Name: WaaaAAaAaaste
In your face, in your head
Its a fucking laugh
Midnight conscious loss
Late night curfew pass
Don't want to be involved in wasting my life
Track Name: Naked Up a Tree Fishing For My Life With a Branch
I've had a really bad day, nothing has swam my way
Curb bound bum with time to spare
Spare some change, polite my veins
Cold on a street
Stuck in a tree
Bless the off chance
Off licence take my coin exchange for bev
Track Name: Endless Shit
Endless shit there's no choice, constant noise.
To much time, wasted on this.
Make it end, please make it eeennnddd!
Who can sit not squirm competition.
Taste bitter, not nice why do you bother?
just listen to what you're producing
time to have some fun let's circle pit
Track Name: Weird Times
In this box in my head there's no thought there's no choice don't want to stay in time to get out trapped between these two walls no thought no feeling there's no difference losing brain cells by the mass